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Discussing the Numbers

Credit Card Processing

  • Free Equipment Placement Program 

  • Contactless Payment and NSF Options 

  • ETF Assistance 

  • Month to Month Agreements 

  • Level 2 and Level 3 Payments 

  • Reduce costs and fees with payment acceptance 

  • Cash Discounting and no cost processing

We partner with multiple payment platforms to deliver you a customized solution based on your unique needs. Contact us to find out about the following programs:


 We offer a variety of payment terminals at either no cost or a significantly reduced price. From a standalone countertop terminal, customer facing pin-pads to a full fledged Point of Sale or ERP system, JMJB has the solution for your business.

  • Ingenico Tetra Line 

  • Pax Devices and Pinpads 

  • Clover Mini, Clover Flex 

  • Legacy and Cloud based Restaurant POS partners 

  • Retail POS partners 

  • ERP system selection and implementation partners 

  • Quickbooks Desktop and POS integration 

High Risk Credit Card Processing

 After spending years of having to turn away small business owners because they operate in certain industries, the team we are proud to support businesses that fall into the high risk category.  These businesses include but are not limited to companies operating in the CBD space, online subscription services and many more.

  • Protect your business from a processor shutting you down because of your industry type

  • Accept payments online or in-store 

  • Ask us for recommendations to our strategic partners who can support your business with banking, insurance, shipping and IT.


  • How to set up online payments with your existing website 

  • Which payment gateway makes the most sense to utilize 

  • Options to invoice customers for one time and recurring charges 

  • What data needs to be collected online to further reduce costs 

  • Chargeback protection

Online payments is the fastest growing segment of the payments industry. Contact us to Learn more about: 

PCI Compliance

  • Why is PCI Compliance so important?

  • Resources to ensure your business is compliant 

  • Who can help set-up or adjust your network to ensure compliance

Maintaining compliance with PCI-DSS is always recommended to protect your business as well as your customers’ personal financial data.   All of our merchants are introduced to a SAQ (survey) within the first 30 days of doing business.  While we cannot answer the survey for you, we can help you interpret the SAQ for your business.  We have partnered with only the highest quality IT and MSP’s to work with our clients on compliance.

Gift and Loyalty Programs

One of the best ways to build customer and brand loyalty is through a well thought out gift and rewards program. By adding this type of program, you will not only improve customer retention but will also increase customer spend per visit. We can help you get started:

  • How to implement a loyalty and rewards program for your business

  • What loyalty options makes the most sense for your business

  • To help convert your existing program over to our platform


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